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Plans including: FREY concentrated formulation in a revolutionary, compact bottle with an easy-measure pump cap. Add FREY dryer sheets, designed to reduce static and soften your clothing.

The Detergent

The Detergent + The Dryer Sheets

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Laundry day every 2 weeks
1-3 loads every 2 weeks Package shipped every 3 months

Laundry day once a week
1-3 loads every week Package shipped every 2 months

Laundry day is frequent
3-4 loads every week Package shipped every 6 weeks

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The Classic Package Single

$27 per shipment

28 Loads + 40 dryer sheets

The Classic Package Double

$54.00 $48.60 per shipment

56 loads + 80 dryer sheets

The Detergent Single

$17.50 per shipment

28 loads

The Detergent Double

$35.00 $31.50 per shipment

56 loads

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