10 Last-Minute Gift Ideas for The Modern Gent



The countdown has begun.  And you’re running out of both time and ideas for the gentlemen in your life.

Never fear, FREY is here.

We’ve all been there, so to help with your last minute additions to your gift list, we compiled a list of gifts that most men would thoroughly enjoy unwrapping.  And you don’t even have to brave the masses at your nearest mall to find them.  

Without further ado, the list of 10 items we hope will inspire you to achieve new and greater, last-minute, gift-giving heights:


1)Apple TV:

One of our favorites, and not simply because it’s “trending”.  Revolutionizing how TV is watched (and paid for), Apple TV is a great gift for not only a friend or family member, but simply perfect for the apartment or house.  Forget cable and satellite packages offering thousands of channels, only a few of which you regularly tune in to.  Apple TV allows you to easily connect your apps like Netflix, Hulu, HBO NOW and WatchESPN to your TV, sans the expensive channel packages.  It can even mirror your laptop or desktop’s screen, for full-sized videos/pictures from your computer.


Check it out here


2) Airbnb Gift Card:

For those who haven’t heard of Airbnb, it’s time you have.  Airbnb is shaking up hospitality around the world, allowing almost anyone (after registration) to rent out their spare or unused space.  Now travelers (or even locals getting away from their normal abodes) can crash “in an apartment for a day, a castle for a week, or a villa for a month”.   With spots in more than 34,000 cities and 190 countries, including the CEO’s own pad, Airbnb connects people all over the world to travel experiences unlike any other.  It’s hard to beat a Christmas gift guaranteeing your next trip won’t be spent in a cramped hotel room.

Castles on Airbnb

Check it out here


3) Weekend Bag:

Whether you’re leaving town for the weekend, or simply taking a change of clothes to the gym, every guy needs to have some type of duffel/weekend bag to pack.  A gift he will use for years, and is not only practical but absolutely upgrades his look, a well-picked weekend bag always makes a great gift.  One of our favorites is this weekender by Huckberry: “It’s rugged and durable enough to be tossed around at the campsite, and it’s classy enough to take on the work weekend trip. It’s a beauty. It’s a beast.  And it’s the best of both.”


Check it out here


4) Harry’s shaving package:

Another industry-changing company, Harry’s has completely overhauled the razor industry offering contemporary, well-designed razors for an affordable price and delivered directly to your door step.  He’ll never have to worry about shaving with a dull blade again.


Check it out here


5) A Watch:

A watch can say a lot about a man.  It’s an essential piece for every man’s wardrobe, something that he will use for years, and can thus be quite intimate.  And although have the spare change to offer a Rolex or Omega as a gift, there are plenty of beautiful pieces that can be found with just a little bit of research.  A good start is Daniel Wellington, they are priced fairly and have a great look that can be worn with any outfit.


(1)  Jorge Gray

(2) Tsovet

(3) Daniel Wellington


6) Nice Laundry Socks (or go for their complete sock drawer makeover):

Socks are one of the more subdued, unique ways to add a flash of style to typically boring work-clothes.  Nice Laundry’s trendy new concept offers a complete make-over of your sock drawer, in a big way.  This is perfect as a stocking stuffer for anyone- from athletes, to young professionals, all the way to the elders in the family.  Everyone could use a little extra style in their sock drawers.

Check it out here

Check it out here


7) Meat Cookbook:

Meat.  From BBQs in the summer to turkeys at the holidays to the everyday meals, a good portion of men either take pride in the meat dishes they cook, or want to improve on their cooking skills.  There’s nothing like a solid meat cookbook to turn it up a notch.  You might just inspire the next world-class chef.


Check it out here


8) Massage Gift Card

This may seem like a strange idea to some, but trust us, it’s a great gift, and one of our favorites (friends/family of ours, if you’re reading this, take note…).  Massages are a fantastic stress relief, can make a huge impact on posture and other health issues, and generally just feel incredible.  Yet it’s something a large majority of men will probably never buy for themselves, and will undervalue until they try it.  At which point you might find them asking for it every year.



9) Cologne:

Cologne is another essential to every man’s wardrobe, and again, an intimate gift.  Ranging incredibly in price, cologne can be anything from a stocking-stuffer to the main gift.  Terre D’Hermes cologne is one of the most attractive smells that can be found on the shelves these days.  Although a bit pricey, one spray is enough to keep the smell on even after showering (seriously).


Check it out here


10) FREY Detergent

Our very own FREY Detergent, because how could we leave it out.  But genuinely, it’s a great gift for all men, from college guys to grandfathers.  And what better accompaniment to the clothing a man is being gifted, than the detergent to help protect it, preserve it, and make it smell fantastic.  Designer label safe, eco-friendly, and 10% of our net profits go to the five charities we support, with a cologne-inspired scent, FREY will revolutionize how he looks at laundry. 

Single bottle on wood smaller

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