Our Mission

FREY was founded not only to create exceptional products that treat your clothing with the same respect and care you have for it, but to generate a long-lasting impact on an outdated industry and the societal perceptions that accompany it.

FREY is bringing clothing care and household products into the 21st century. We are breaking down outdated gender stereotypes, bringing fashion into a realm that has not experienced it before, and making a philanthropic impact all the while.


The Evolution

FREY is an evolution in clothing care products. We have carefully designed every aspect of our line to better meet your needs and lifestyle.

Our first step was a total packaging re-design. We concentrated our formula to enable minimalistic, light-weight packaging which takes up less room, is easier to carry, and generally just looks better in your home.

We added an easy-pump top, so you can measure exactly how much you need, without the drips that accompany a normal measuring cap.

Treat Your Clothing Right

It's a little known fact, but most mainstream detergents can do serious damage to your clothing.

Many of these detergents include harsh chemicals that, realistically, over-clean your clothing, damaging it in the process. Whether they’re bleaches (or bleach-like substances), or extremely harsh surfactants (cleaning agents), or other chemicals, they can damage fibers, colors, and lead to quicker-than-normal wear.

Our second step was enhancing our formulation. Whether you spend time meticulously planning every detail of your outfit, or just throw on whatever you can find, clothes are a big part of our personal style, and they aren't cheap.

FREY eliminates these chemicals while still using a potent surfactant, creating a wash that is gentler and safer for your clothing while still thoroughly cleaning them.

A longer life span for you clothing means money AND time saved looking for new clothing. You can keep that favorite shirt even longer than before.

For All Gear, Fitness to Designer

FREY is safer for ALL of your clothing.  This doesn’t exclusively refer to your designer or favorite daily garments, it also refers to your fitness and athletic-wear.  In fact, FREY may have an even greater positive impact on your fitness clothing.  Other detergents can drastically hamper your fitness garments’ moisture wicking abilities, and chances are that you have noticed a deterioration in many of your fitness garments that you frequently wear and wash.  

FREY wants to help all of your garments look great longer, as well as help you smell fantastic wherever you are, without irritating your skin with harmful chemicals that many other mainstream detergents often include.  So feel and look great, whether you’re at the gym, at work, or on a date.  We want you to feel as exceptionally remarkable as you deserve to feel.

Scent Designed for You

Our third step was creating a revolutionary scent. Inspired by the top men's fragrances, FREY's Oak & Musk scent is unlike anything on the market.

After over a year in researching men's fragrances, sampling dozens of ingredients, and endless scent trials, our Oak and Musk scent was born.

Oak, a symbol of strength and endurance, embodied by its austere scent of wood and wild forest, and Musk, a natural substance matched by no other in its complex, animalistic and earthy aroma, combine with the smoother, sweeter, warmer scent of sandalwood to form our strong base layer.

We layer this with notes of soft, worn leather accompanied by hints of citrusy bergamot and piney, sweet frankincense to form a powerful, well-balanced scent that leaves your laundry clean with a subtle, edge.


FREY is a brand for men, but strives to make a difference for all through our push for change in the perception of household chores, as well as our philanthropy.

If there is an organization or charity you think we should check out, let us know.

Because we believe a man's actions demonstrate his values, we teamed-up with our non-profit partner Current Initiatives to create our Wash for Wash program. For every bottle of FREY purchased, a portion of the proceeds are donated to Current to ensure the clothing of someone in need is washed. Read more about the program here.

This program is part of the 10% of our net profits that we donate to charity.

View our Wash For Wash program setup for those in need.